Thread Work Sarees are the True Examples of Yards of Tradition and Grace

Thread work embroidery is a part of India’s heritage. Thread work has been an integral part of shawls and sarees in India. Even kurtas, sherwanis and suits are stitched in India with elegant thread work. There are different names for thread work in different states of India. In Punjab the typical floral designed thread work is called phulkari, in Lucknow the typical shadow stitch work is called chikan, and in Gujarat we have the colourful and intricate floral designs called the Heer Bharat embroidery and so on. There are other names for thread work stitches called the laisy daisy, back stitch, cross stitch, stem stitch, French knot stitch, chain stitch, etc. Thread work has become an integral part of designer sarees and Bollywood sarees onlineSuch eye catching design work is being done on fabrics for fabulous looking yards of sarees. We also have half and half sarees where half of the fabric is bring adorned with thread work embroidery to highlight it form the rest of the saree.

You can either have thread work matching the color of the base fabric like we have in case of chikankari or you have also have colourful thread work over a light shaded fabric for a vivacious and bright outlook. Thread work can either be done throughout the saree in intricate and continuous patterns or in motifs all over the length of the saree. It can also be present as a part of the border for an innovative look.

Art silk thread work cream saree

This saree has thread work over art silk and is a true piece of beauty. Traditional thread work is intermingled with modern motifs over art silk to create a fabulous piece of traditional saree worth treasuring. You can be proud of this saree in your collection because of the wise fusion of tradition with novel ideas. The tree motifs are popular these days and the same has been used through thread work in red over beige base fabric. The red border matching the hue of the thread work provides a beautiful outline to the saree.

 Net lace work off

Thread work over sheer fabric is a visual treat. Thread work has a sensuous look and thread work of the same color as the base fabric over the sheer cloth makes it elegant and pleasing. By such exquisite designer sarees India and give a new outlook to your wardrobe that is modern as well as traditionally rich and unique. The white thread work all over the white net fabric makes it elegant. The red border with embroidery in circular patterns provides a fine match. You can wear this to poojas and religious functions at your home or if you are invited for a grand festive celebration somewhere.

Chiffon thread work grey saree

Colorful thread looks best upon a muted shade of fabric to bring out the play of the colors. The grey chiffon saree provides the best backdrop for the vibrant thread work to show its effect. The elegant floral work gives the saree a hip and happening look and makes it ready to be teamed up along with a colourful graphic printed blouse. This is how you mix and match for an interesting fusion look.


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