How To Wear Indian Women Sarees?

As you know, Now its trend to wear different and very unique dress to appear gorgeous rather than others. Mostly this is described for women only. Women always shopping something new and from unique place. They have to gossip with their friends and relative about their shopping market.

Saree is an Indian subcontinental women’s garments. This is mainly worn by Indian women. Everyday millions of sarees buys and sells in India. There are many different varity of sarees available in the market with good look and best price.

But question is that, how to wear Indan saree?

There are three way to wear Indian sarees:

Wearing it Nivi Style: 

You can Start having the right clothing on. You’ll want to have your shirt or top on your petticoat on and tied snug, and your shoes on before you start wrapping.

While not necessarily required, safety pins make all sari wrapping much easier and better looking.

Wrap and tuck starting end: 

Hold the sarees so that the shorter distance goes from your waist to the floor and the long end can be wrapped around. Then, start at one end and tuck the corner of the fabric into your petticoat at your left hip, wrap it around behind you, over your right hip, past your navel, and around again until it reaches your navel once more. Continue to tuck it into your petticoat as you go around like this.

Pleat the other end: 

In the fabric at your navel, make six-seven pleats. Adjust the pleats to face to the right side and then tuck in the pleats. Tuck any fabric necessary to get a clean look on the right hip.

Georgette Machine Work Pink & Beige Half & Half Saree

Georgette & Viscose Border & Machine Work Beige & Pink Half & Half Saree

Georgette Machine & Border Work Beige & Red Half & Half Saree

You can get new designs of sarees from our website:


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